Boukoulian, Netherlands, Microlithic Sculptures, c. 400,000 BP

The 'Boukoulian' is a microlithic industry discovered by J. Van Es in 1973; it consists of many thousand artifacts collected during 20 years of intensive field survey. The type site is Boukoul, Netherlands; subsequent sites with overlapping forms include Iegelpoel and Helden, Netherlands. Artifacts range in size from about 0.5-4 cm; 95% are less than 2 cm. A full report on the Boukoulian is given in Van Es, J. and Franssen, C.J.H. (1989). Een vroege microkern-traditie van de Peelhorst het Boukoulien. Archaeologische Berichten 19:6-25;93-133. Elst, NL. Images in this gallery highlight the site profile, tools and techniques including workbenches and egg-in-cup, and characteristic palaeoart subjects of the Boukoulian: female figurines; zoomorphs; and heads/profiles/masks.

All images in this gallery © B. Duppen, Jan va Es, J.E. Musch. (1989). Special issue on Boukoul/Coquelles. Archaeologische Berichten 19. Elst, NL.

a)bouksite b)boukcomp c)bou1 d)bouk2 e)bouk3
a)bouksite.jpg b)boukcomp.jpg c)bou1.jpg d)bouk2.jpg e)bouk3.jpg
f)bouk4 g)bouk5a h)bouk5b i)boukfem6 j)boukchal
f)bouk4.jpg g)bouk5a.jpg h)bouk5b.jpg i)boukfem6.jpg j)boukchal.jpg
k)boukani7 l)boukele m)boukan9 n)boukan11 o)boukan13
k)boukani7.jpg l)boukele.jpg m)boukan9.jpg n)boukan11.jpg o)boukan13.jpg
p)boukegcp q)boukanv10 r)boukwtrbd s)boukananv12 t)boukheld
p)boukegcp.jpg q)boukanv10.jpg r)boukwtrbd.jpg s)boukananv12.jpg t)boukheld.jpg

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