Researching the Origins of Art. Religion, and Mind
"Two Million Years of Art in Human Evolution"

AH 224 Paleolithic Art -- Spring 2012
Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine


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Overview of Four Eras of Evolution
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Background Readings


Introduction – Course Overview; Art Critical Approach; Assignments & Grading; Art Project Decisions; 4+ Eras; Terminology;
Makapansgat – The Ground Meme - The Curatorial
Bahn, P. 1997. Journey Through the Ice Age
Preface, Intro and Chapters 1 and 2.
Pelegrin, J. 2009. ‘Cognition and the emergence of language’ (14pp)


Oldowan – Chimpanzees, Oldowan Art (Meme #1)

Class #2 - Oldowan 7.7MB


Early Acheulian Art (Meme #2A): play of opposing shapes
Middle Acheulian Art (Meme #2B): biface duality

Class #3 - Early and Middle Acheulian 9.6MB Harrod, J. 2003. 'Notes Toward and Early Acheulian Logic Model' (6 pp)
Harrod, J. 2002. 'Notes on Middle Acheulian Spirituality' (18pp.)


Later Acheulian Art: figurine sculptures, markings (Meme #2C)

Class#4- Later Acheulian 6.9MB Bednarik, R. 2003. 'Earliest Evidence of Palaeoart' (26pp.)
Later Acheulian Art: petroglyph marking traditions Class #5 - Later Acheulian Bhimbetka, India
Daraki-Chattan, India
NW Europe
Harrod, J. 2007. ‘Bhimbetka Glyphs’ (25 pp.)


Middle Paleolithic Art: figurine sculptures, triangle Creatrix, mask faces, landscape art, stone arrangements, markings; Neanderthal bear cult (Meme #3). Homo sapiens sapiens Out-of-Africa.

Class #6 - Middle Paleolithic 1
Bednarik, R. 2008. 'Cupules' (40pp) [Worldwide review]


Middle Paleolithic Art:
DVD: Har Karkom: the Mountain of Moses (Italian, 10 minutes)
Slideshow: Expedition to Har Karkom, Israel

Class #7 - Middle Paleolithic 2
Har Karkom, Israel 8MB
Marshack, A. 1996. ‘A Middle Paleolithic Symbolic Composition’ (19 pp.)


The Global Rock Art Heritage – World Rock Art Regions
Slideshow: Expedition to Australian Outback Rock Art

Class #8 - Global Rock Art Heritage
Bahn, P. 1997. Journey Through the Ice Age
Chapter 3 (pp. 27-47)

Clottes J. World Rock Art. (140 pp)


Eurasian Upper Paleolithic Art: painted caves and portable art of animals, shamans (Meme #4)
DVD: Cave of Forgotten Dreams - Chauvet

Class #9 - Chauvet Bahn, P. 1997. Journey Through the Ice Age
Chapter 4 and 5 (pp. 48-76)


Eurasian Upper Paleolithic Art: Aurignacian art and ritual spaces.
DVD: Prehistoric Art Quercy - Pech Merle

Class #10 - UP Aurignacian 8MB Bahn, P. 1997. Journey Through the Ice Age
Chapter 7, 8, 9 (pp. 84-133)


Eurasian Upper Paleolithic: Gravettian and Magdalenian art; Kostenki, El Juyo, Gönnersdorf ritual spaces.
DVD: Lascaux Revisited

Class #11 - UP Gravettian 4MB and Magdalenian 5MB
Bahn, P. 1997. Journey Through the Ice Age
Chapter 10-11 (pp. 133-211)
12 Eurasian Upper Paleolithic: 6 female and 6 male spiritual transformation processes
Practice: Divination
Harrod, J. 1997. ‘The Upper Paleolithic Double Goddess’ (17pp.)
Reis, P. 1986. ‘The Mysteries of Creativity: Self-Seeding, Death and the Great Goddess’ (22 pp.)
13 Neolithic Art: Global cultural context; European Neolithic, basic theory of Gimbutas, Language of the Goddess
DVD: Signs out of Time
Class #13 - Neolithic Gimbutas, M. 1989. Language of the Goddess.  Forward, Introduction, including Categories (pp. xiii-xxiii); browse in between; Conclusions (pp. 316-329)
Berggren, K. and Harrod, J. 1996. ‘Understanding Marija Gimbutas’ (4 pp.)
14 Final Exam: Team Presentations. Survivals and transformations in contemporary art

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