Later Acheulian Marking Motifs II - Other Sites

In addition to the well-attested deliberately marked objects from the Early Paleolithic site of Bilzingsleben (OIS11 c. 400,000 BP)--see Bilzingsleben marking motifs gallery--deliberate marking motifs occur at a variety of other Later Acheulian period sites. I attempt a summary of these in this gallery.

Marked artifacts are examined and discussed in the many studies of Robert Bednarik. See for example, Bednarik, R.G. (1995). Concept-mediated marking in the Lower Paleolithic. Current Anthropology 36,4:605-634. Harrod (2004) "Deciphering Later Acheulian Period Marking Motifs" summarizes evidence for Later Acheulian marking motifs from a variety of sites and provides a tentative decoding of their possible significations.

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a)bhim b)kand c)strsklacm4 d)cmm8 e)observ12
a)bhim.jpg b)kand.jpg c)strsklacm4.jpg d)cmm8.jpg e)observ12.jpg
f)pampnet g)asselt h)beegden i)ptlaunay16 j)phosphns
f)pampnet.jpg g)asselt.jpg h)beegden.jpg i)ptlaunay16.jpg j)phosphns.jpg

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