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OriginsNet website was created by James Harrod, Ph.D. for the Center for Research on the Origins of Art and Religion. It is intended to be a cyberspace gallery-without-walls to:
  • 1) publicize images and theories on the origin of art, religion, symbol, language, mind, and psyche;

  • 2) promote international communication and collaboration among origins researchers;

  • 3) encourage a cross-disciplinary integration and consilience (after E. O. Wilson) of humanities disciplines in pursuit of insight into our origins;

  • 4) deepen our species self-understanding as we move through global ecological and evolutionary crisis into a planetary society;

    Special Academic Objectives

  • 1) provide images that may assist archaeologists to identify palaeoart during excavations and in new and existing collections;

  • 2) expand the current timeframe for the origins of art, symbol and religion back into Middle and Early Paleolithic periods of prehistory;

  • 3) provide a basis for establishing a new discipline in the field of religious studies, namely the prehistory of religions;

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