Oldowan - h) chopper core, Koobi Fora, FxJJ1#302 cast - side view.

Comment: This is a photograph of cast of the original. Archaeologist at Koobi Fora believe the rhomboid diamond shape, which is unique in the collection, was an accidental byproduct of flaking the core for useable flake. This core was a 'curated' object, carried into the site. I believe this core with its rhomboid diamond shape may be interpreted as exemplary for understanding the Oldowan mind and Oldowan spirituality. I have presented a detailed interpretation of this thesis in Harrod, J. (1992). Two million years ago: The origins of art and symbol. Continuum 2,1: 4-29.

Photo © James Harrod

Photographs of Koobi Fora taken during Koobi Fora Archaeological Field School, 1990. I am especially grateful to the National Museums of Kenya for photographic access to the cast of FxJJ1 #302 at Koobi Fora and access to the original at the National Museum in Nairobi.

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h) FxJJ1#302 cast side