Oldowan - g) Koobi Fora, FxJj1, choppers, including #302 (upper right), c. 1.88MYA.

Comment: This is a photograph of the original. Archaeologist at Koobi Fora believe that #302's rhomboid diamond shape, which is unique in the collection, was an accidental byproduct of flaking the core for useable flake. This core was a 'curated' object, carried into the site. I believe this core with its rhomboid diamond shape may be interpreted as exemplary for understanding the Oldowan mind and Oldowan spirituality. I have presented a detailed interpretation of this thesis in Harrod, J. (1992). Two million years ago: The origins of art and symbol. Continuum 2,1: 4-29.

Photo © James Harrod

Photographs of Koobi Fora taken during Koobi Fora Archaeological Field School, 1990. I am especially grateful to the National Museums of Kenya for photographic access to the cast of FxJj1 #302 at Koobi Fora and access to these originals at the National Museum in Nairobi.

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g) FxJj1 choppers