HK70-71, Har Karkom, Israel

I took these photos on a exploratory hike to the southwestern corner of the Har Karkom mesa. The landscape strikingly corresponded to one of three precognition dreams that I had over a year before arriving at Har Karkom. I took the trail up to the dry wadi, climbed up past HK70 into the many Paleolithic hutfloors around HK71 and HK72. I found candidates for zoomorphic and anthropomorphic flint figurines on at least a half dozen of these hutfloors.

  • Trail near HK67. A boulder-shaped like a two-horned rhinoceros head, on valley trail as it nears the wadi
  • Many dozens of--I counted 50--small black stones apparently flaked into geometrics and complex shapes, that I call 'story stones', on the climb up from the wadi past HK70
  • HK71. On a hutfloor entrance, three flaked flints (1) triangular geometric; (2) horsehead; (3) possible 'female' figurine
  • HK71. A tringular 'female' figurine
  • HK71. A 'female' figurine with arms, perhaps holding an infant
  • HK71. On other hut floors, zoomorphic flints like horseheads, bovines and geometric and figurative 'goddess' figurines
  • HK72d. Combination flint -- bison and female
    3 stones in an east-west alignment, figuration like an elephant

Some of these are presented in this gallery. Interpretations: James Harrod.

Note. While the hutfloor sites in the area of HK71 are distinguished into HK71 a, b, and c, I could not determine precisely to which of these the shown artifacts belong.

Photo © James Harrod. All James Harrod site photos taken on Emmanuel Anati Har Karkom Expedition, April 1996.

a) hk67bicornis b) hk70sw panorno c) hk70sw panorso d) hk70 storystones1 e) hk70 storystones2
a) hk67bicornis.jpg b) hk70sw panorn... c) hk70sw panors... d) hk70 storysto... e) hk70 storysto...
f) hk71 viewno g) hk71 hutfloor h) hk71 3flints i) hk71 femflint j) hkfemale wchild1
f) hk71 viewno.jpg g) hk71 hutfloor... h) hk71 3flints.jpg i) hk71 femflint... j) hkfemale wchi...
k) hkfemale wchild2
k) hkfemale wchi...

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