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Mission Statement

The Center for Research on the Origins of Art and Religion is a 501(c)3 nonprofit incorporated in 1999 to promote, sponsor, and disseminate research on the origins and prehistory of art, religion, symbol, language, mind and psyche in human evolution.

Activities of the Center include identifying archaeological finds from around the world that might shed light on various origins questions and applying cross-disciplinary techniques of analysis and interpretation from the fields of history of religions, mythology, archaeology, anthropology, paleontology, semiotics, linguistics, depth psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and poetic hermeneutics.

The Center explores the implications of these findings for (1) attuning ourselves and our creativity to the evolving process of creation in all its forms; and (2) revisioning our place in the biosphere and our responsibilities to humanity and to the Earth.

The Center disseminates its research findings through publications, public presentations and lectures, and an internet website,

Board of Directors

Patricia Reis, MA, MFA
Richmond, ME

Nicholas H. S. Higgins, MA, Ph.D.
Portland, ME

Kristina Berggren, MA, Ph.D.
Lucerne, Switzerland


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