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Thanks to everyone associated over the years with the Dutch journal Archaeologische Berichten -- for their constant discoveries of palaeoart, theories, and encouragement -- its chair B. J. M. Duppen; Theo Dijkstra; Jan Evert Musch, Ursel Benekendorff, Ron Williams, and many others. They were and are willing to see what is there to behold.

Thanks to the American Academy of Religion for a research travel grant to examine artifacts in England, Germany and the Netherlands.

Thanks to Kristina Berggren for her brilliant interpretations, constant inspiration, encouragement, support and friendship since we first met in Dublin at Marija Gimbutas' conference on the Neolithic/Bronze Age transformation.

Thanks to Emmanuel Anati for all that he has produced to reshape our understanding of rock art and the origins of symbolism, for his wonderful Valcamonica Symposia, for the opportunity to explore Har Karkom, and for encouraging and challenging some of my morewild ideas.

Thanks to Robert Bednarik, Editor, Rock Art Research, for his numerous studies opening the way to identifying and interpreting palaeoart prior to Homo sapiens sapiens.

The deepest of thanks to the late Marija Gimbutas for blessing my journey into the Paleolithic mind and for her constant inspiration, spiritual insights, and abiding friendship.

Thanks to every one I have met and learned from in my travels to archaeological sites in Kenya, Israel, Australia and Europe.

Thanks to those of you who appreciated and encouraged me along the way and who said "we need to see this now": Giulia Battiti Sorlini, Donna Read, Willow LaMonte, Danica Anderson, Deborah Rose, Joan Marler, members of the Language Origins Society; and so many others.

Thanks to Christi Olson for your support.

Most importantly, I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Patricia Reis, my sweetest teacher and partner, for her brilliant and empathic insights into the human psyche and the ancestral spirituality of humanity.

And finally, thanks to the wonderfully creative people associated with Digital Arts Aspen, its founder Charles Abbott for creative ideas, encouragement and our long friendship, Archie McLean for technical assistance, Lito Tejada-Flores for design assistance, and Michael Stranahan for supporting my training in GoLive website building with Daniel Brown at Santa Fe Workshops. Also Scott Wheeler and others who volunteered copy editing assistance.

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