Rhenen, NL, Helden, NL, Coquelle, France, c. 200,000 BP

Additional examples of artifacts identified as representational stone sculptures by members of the Archaeologische Berichten group, Elst, Netherlands. Rhenen, Helden, and Coquelle are sites dated to the OIS7 interglacial (Stanton Harcourt=Treene=Riss II/III), c. 200,000 BP.

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a)rhenhd1 b)rhenhd2 c)rhenhd3 d)rhenhd4 e)rhenhd5
a)rhenhd1.jpg b)rhenhd2.jpg c)rhenhd3.jpg d)rhenhd4.jpg e)rhenhd5.jpg
f)rhenen g)rhenen2 h)heldenmica i)heldmicb j)micanv
f)rhenen.jpg g)rhenen2.jpg h)heldenmica.jpg i)heldmicb.jpg j)micanv.jpg
k)coquel l)zuidamb
k)coquel.jpg l)zuidamb.jpg

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