Oldowan - NW Europe - m) Jabeekian pebble tools, Netherlands

Comment: Attributed to microlithic of the Chopper-Chopping Tool Complex (micro-CCC). Cromerian dating, c. 500,000-800,000 by geological profile, Archaeologische Berichten 19:81-82. However a more recent dating to the Holsteinian, c. 400,000 BP is argued in Peeters, H., Musch, J., Wouters, A. (1988). Les plus anciennes industries des Pays-Bas. L'Anthropologie 92,2:683-710.

Photo © A. Wouters. In Wouters, A., Franssen, C, and Kessels. A. (1981). Typologie van de artefacten van de Chopper-Choppingtool Complexen. Archaeologische Berichten 10:18-117. Stichtung Archaeologische Berichten, Elst, NL. Jabeek discovered and collected L. Reubsaet. For descriptions of these sites and traditions see special issue on Boukoulian, Archaeologische Berichten 19 (1989).

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m) Jabeekian pebble tools