MP Gallery - Sülldorf, Hamburg-Wittenbergen, Germany

Hamburg-Sülldorf A and Hamburg-Wittenbergen LT/2 are surface sites that produced a large assemblage of flint tools and proto-art stone sculptures, such as those shown in this gallery. Based on tool typology, the assemblages are Middle Paleolithic Mousterien.

Site identified, collected and interpreted by Walther Matthes, University of Hamburg. Numerous publications include Matthes, W. (1969). Eiszeitkunst im Nordseeraum. Otterndorf, Gr: Niederelbe-Verlag; (1964/1965). Die Entdeckung der Kunst des Alteren und Mittleren Palaeolithikums in Norddeutschland. Jahrbuch for Prahistorische und Ethnographische Kunst (IPEK) 21:1-18; (1963). Fruhe bildende Kunst in Europa. Zeitschrift fur Religions-und Geistesgeschichte XV/1:164-179.

Stone sculpture themes continue motifs that Matthes identified from the Late Acheulian level at Hamburg-Wittenbergen, the latter yielding mammoth, elephant, wild boar, rhino, sitting birds, flying birds, fish, faces and grotesque masks, and double faces.

Photo © Walther Matthes or as otherwise noted

a) sulldorfmammoths b) sulldorfaoneeyehead c) sulldorfampfish d) sulldorfasittingbirdqu e) mpsittingbirds
a) sulldorfmammo... b) sulldorfaonee... c) sulldorfampfi... d) sulldorfasitt... e) mpsittingbird...
f) hwlt2mpmammoth g) hwmpquartzitemammoth h) hwlt2mpfish1
f) hwlt2mpmammot... g) hwmpquartzite... h) hwlt2mpfish1.jpg

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