More White Stone Circles, Caches, Har Karkom, Israel; h) hk126n29 flygbird+redzig

On the way from HK126, north of HK29 (4/10/1996). Further along the trail from HK126 climbing trail out of end of a small wadi by an 'exploded black stone' another roughly circular arrangement of white limestone with worked flints and geometric black stones in it.

Tentative interpretation (James Harrod): Worked flint found in limestone circle; shape is suggestive of a flying bird with upturned wing. On the upturned wing a red zigazg inclusion (barely visible in this photo, but quite clear in actual view). The zigzag symbol is ubiquitous symbol for lightning and rain in the iconography of recent and contemporary hunter-gatherer tribes; e.g., the Native American thunderbird.

Photo © James Harrod. James Harrod site photos taken on Emmanuel Anati Har Karkom Expedition, April 1996.

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h) hk126n29 flygbird+redzig