James B. Harrod, Ph.D.

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Ph.D. Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 1975. Religion (Mythology)
Dissertation: The Tempering Goddess: A Phenomenological and Structural Analysis of the
Britomartis-Diktynna-Aphaia Mythologem.

MA Pacifica Graduate Institute, CA, 1997. Counseling (Depth Psychology).
Thesis: The Spirit Cat: Animal Familiar in the Psychotherapeutic Process

MA Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA, 1970. Religion (Theology)
Thesis: The Word: A Hermeneutic Antinomy--Kant, Heidegger, Hirsch, Gadamer.

BA Williams College, Williamstown, MA, 1968.
Phi Beta Kappa. Double major: Philosophy, Religion.

Field Explorations:

2005 USA Potential stone sculptures, field examination of sites and collections: Lost Valley, Carlisle, PA (Gary Yannone, Jeff Kottmyer, Nolen Chew); Day's Knob, southeastern OH (Alan Day) and visit to Meadowcroft Shelter, PA.

2004 Central India (Bhimbetka, Raisen, Daraki-Chattan, Chaturbhujnath rock art sites), Rock Art Society of India, International Rock Art Congress 2004, Post-Congress Rock Art Tours.

2001 France, Spain Upper Paleolithic Site Tour -- visited Altamira Cave; El Castillo; and Las Monedas in
Spain; Pech Merle; Lascaux II; Regourdou; Font de Gaume; Cap Blanc; and Les Combarelles in France.

2000 Keep River Area, Northern Territory, Australia (Jinmium, Goorurarmum; Granilpi, Karlinga,
Nganalang, Granites rock art sites), Australian Rock Art Research Association, International Rock Art Congress 2000, Pre-Congress and Post-Congress Tours.

1996 "Har Karkom -- the Mountain of God -- Expedition 1996" March 29 - April 16. Member of proto-art
survey team; assisted rock art recording team and Paleolithic site survey team, Emmanuel Anati expedition, Har Karkom,
Central Negev, Israel.

1990 Field Research in Paleoanthropology. Koobi Fora Field School of National Museums of Kenya and
Harvard University. Summer Session.

1989 Field travel, funded under Research Grant, American Academy of Religion, to stone sculpture sites and collections Northwest Europe: Pampau, Hamburg, Germany (Ursel Benekendorff); Assen, Netherlands (Ben Duppen, Archaeologische Berichten group with Jan Evert Musch); and Warlingham, Surrey, England (Ron Williams); also Newgrange, Knowth, and Tara in Ireland, with Marija Gimbutas, as part of Conference: "The Transformation of European and Anatolian Culture, 4500-2500 B.C.", University College, Dublin and Indo-European Studies Program, UCLA.

Publication Bibliography (Religion, Semiotics, Archaeology):

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1987 European Upper Paleolithic Semiotic Systems: Context, Classification, and a Semiotic Analysis of a Franco-Cantabrian Protolanguage. Acts of the Valcamonica Symposium 1987: Prehistoric and Primitive Art. Capo di Ponte: Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici.

1987 European Upper Paleolithic Thematic Semantics and the Double Goddess of Grimaldi. Acts of the Valcamonica Symposium 1987: Prehistoric and Primitive Art. Capo di Ponte: Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici.

1982 A Joint Paper on Structuralism and Exegesis. Patte D., Ellingsen, M., Harrod, J., et al. SBL Seminar Papers. Society for Biblical Literature.

1981 The Bow: A Techno-Mythic Hermeneutic--Ancient Greece and the Mesolithic. Journal of the American Academy of Religion 49,3: 425-446.

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1978 The Music of the Spheres: A Structural Hermeneutic of Plato's Republic, D-10, Structuralist Research Information, Vanderbilt University. 133 pp.

1978 The Diktynna Ritual: A Structural Hermeneutic, WP-17, Structuralist Research Information,Vanderbilt University. 61 pp.

1975 Reflections on Camunian Art. Bolletino del Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici 12:9-10.

Recent Conference and Symposium Presentations:

2010 "Four Memes in the Two Million Year Evolution of Symbol, Metaphor and Myth". Presentation, Exploratory Seminar on Comparative Mythology: Deep Reconstruction. October 6-8, 2010. Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University.

2004 "The Bhimbetka Glyphs", Symposium on Earily Indian Petroglyphs and Pre-Upper Paleolithic Art of the World, and "Artifact, Utility and Iconicity: Dilemmas in the Concepts of Palaeoart", Symposium on Palaeoart, Technology and Cognition. Papers presented at International Rock Art Congress 2004, Agra, India.

2000 "The Acheulian Handaxe: From Enigma to Proto-Symbolism". Paper presented at Language
Origins Society Annual Meeting 2000, Rutgers University.

2000 "Presencing the Landscape: Towards deciphering Middle Paleolithic symbolic art". Paper presented at
Third International Rock Art Congress 2000, Alice Springs, Australia.

1998 "Deciphering European Upper Paleolithic: Discovery Procedures." Paper presented at Language
Origins Society Annual Meeting 1998, Florida State University.

1997 "Deep Strata of the Psyche: Toward an Archaeology of the Human Spirit." Archetypal Goddess: A
Conference Honoring Marija Gimbutas. Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

1994 "Unusual Delight" - 3rd Biannual Symposium, Arts Studies Program, North Carolina State University

1993 Paper, "Dream, Art and the Shamanic Imagination." Panel discussion on art exhibit "Dreams:
Poetic Memory," University of Southern Maine Art Gallery.

1988 Slide-Lecture, "The Way of the Birth-Giver: The Religious Imagination of the Early and Middle
Acheulian (ca. 600,000 - 300,000 BP)." American Academy of Religion. Chicago.

1987 Slide-Lecture, "Goddesses and Shamans or the Semiotic of Psychic Transformation in the Upper
Paleolithic (Europe)." American Academy of Religion. Boston.

1987 Paper, "European Upper Paleolithic Ideograms and the Double Goddess of Grimaldi." International
Symposium on Prehistoric and Primitive Art. Valcamonica, Italy.


1989 American Academy of Religion, Research Assistance Grant. In support of research on Paleolithic
religious symbols and travel to sites in Germany, Netherlands, England, Ireland.

1987-88 Founder, chairperson, Prehistoric Religions Consultation, first unit of the American Academy of
Religion devoted to prehistoric religions.

Professional Organization Memberships:

American Academy of Religion
Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory
International Language Origins Society
Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici, Italy
Australian Rock Art Association

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