Groß Pampau, GR, c. 500,000 BP, Human Heads, Skulls / p)nlheads

Comment: More 'heads' from NW Europe, Early and Middle Paleolithic.

As identified and interpreted by Jan Evert Musch (a) 'Erectus', granite, pecked and grooved, Eemian(?); (b) from a refitted ovate biface production flake, retouched, female portrait, Eemian, Eemster, NL; (c) 'Neanderthaler', Southern Netherlands, coll. M. Vink. As identified and interpreted by Ron Williams (d) 'Neanderthaler', Surrey, Slines Oak, coll. Ron Williams; (e) 'female portrait', Surrey Q, Middle Paleolithic, coll. Ron Williams; (f), 'Neanderthaler female', Surrey OSO, Middle Paleolithic, coll. Ron Williams.

Illustrations (a, b, c) © Jan Evert Musch in Musch, J. (1990). Animal Farm: Palaeolithic Sculptures from the Northwest European Plains, revised from paper presented at World Archaeological Congress, 1986. Illustrations (c, d, e) © Ron Williams. Williams, R. (1987). Beestachtig en Beregoed (II): Steentijdtradities en rituele vuursteenskulpturen van Surrey, Engeland door Ron Williams. Archaeologische Berichten 18:13-38 (Elst, NL).

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