EP Gallery: Middle Acheulian -- Olorgesailie, Olduvai Gorge, Near East, Abbevillian (c. 1.0 MYA to 500,000 BP) / q)evonquar810

Comment: In the Near East Middle Acheulian, the handaxe and pick are the predominate bifaces in contrast to handaxe and cleaver in East African sites. Evron-Quarry, Israel, is dated 600,000-1 MYA. Depicted Evron-Quarry bifaces are lanceolate in shape, with a globular, not thin base, and O. Bar-Yosef considers them similar to those from Latamne.

Image Credit: Gilead, D and Ronen, A. (1977). Acheulian industries from 'Evron on the western Galilee coastal plain. In Eretz Israel 13 (Moshé Stekelis Memorial Volume), B. Arernsburg and O. Bar-Yosef (eds.), 56-86. Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society. Image from Bar-Yosef, O. (1998). Early colonizations and cultural continuities in the Lower Palaeolithic of western Asia. In Early human behaviour in global context: The rise and diversity ofthe Lower Palaeolithic record, Petraglia, M and Korisettar, R. (eds.), 221-279. New York: Routledge: fig 8.10.

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