EP Gallery: Middle Acheulian -- Olorgesailie, Olduvai Gorge, Near East, Abbevillian (c. 1.0 MYA to 500,000 BP) / b)olorgaerial

Air view of the Main Olorgesailie Site complex from the south, Olorgesailie, Kenya. Olorgesailie is a key locale for the African Middle Acheulian. Its Middle Acheulian sites are dated between 601,000±3,000 BP (Member 12) and 992,000±39,000 BP (base Member 1) [Deino, A. and Potts, R. (1990). Single crystal 40Ar/39Ar dating of the Olorgesailie Formation, southern Kenya Rift. Journal of Geophysical Research 95,B6:8453-8470.]

Photo © Issac, G. [1977]. Olorgesailie: Archeological Studies of a Middle Pleistocene Lake Basin in Kenya. Chicago, University of Chicago Press: Plate 6

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