Later Acheulian Marking Motifs I - Bilzingsleben, Germany / l)blzmf4

Object #2=219.34, a large mammal rib bone, has 4 parallel oblique marks each consisting of three end-overlapping strokes plus 2 other parallel lines for a total of 6 (Mania and Mania 1988:fig.4; Bednarik 1995:fig.1b). [The illustration shows a seventh line, but this might have been not counted as it was an accidental cutmark(?); contrarily Steguweit (1999) examines only the group of 4 lines to confirm intentionality.]

Illustration © Mania, D. and Mania, U. (1988). Deliberate engravings on bone artefacts of Homo erectus. Rock Art Research 5,2:91-95. Figure 4.

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