Koonalda Cave, Nullarbor Plain, South Australia, c. 16,000-27,000 BP / f)ktrnch1stlb

"Above: Erect Stele B. Trench I. Photograph by Mark Foy, 1959.
Below: Trench I, before excavation in 1956-7. View of standing stone slab B (Stele). Stone arrangement C. Fireplace 2, marked with knife. Trench I. Photograph from Nullarbor Expedition, 1956-7."

"Occupants of 'Floor 3' have cut into the slope and have constructed, using rocks in situ and manuports, a stone arrangement, resembling a 'bench' or 'step', which is set against the slope, its front being 7.5 inches high… Opposite the bench stands a large, natural, stone slab, erected on one of its narrow edges [
Stele B, shown in two perspectives below.]. The surface between these stone arrangements is even and appears artifically levelled, mining holes having been filled in after use. The floor contained a number of used implements" (112).

Photo © Alexander Gallus, in Wright, R. V. S. (ed.). 1971. Archaeology of the Gallus Site, Koonalda Cave. Canberra: Australian Institute for Aboriginal Studies: plate VI, p. 109.

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