Iegelpoel, NL, Micro-Acheulian, c. 200-500,000 BP (?) / o)polygrot

Comment: Same object as previous. A final turning yields a possible 'grotesque mask'. Grotesque masks, sometimes in polymorphic sculptures, are typical of the European Chopper-Choppingtool Complex (CCC)Symbolizing Tradition, especially in its Heidelbergian component, c. 200,000 BP. With the previous slides of this object there is a clear inference that these Iegelpoel artifacts are from a tradition that combined thematic stylizations from both the Acheulian 'Handaxe Sculpture' Symbolizing Tradition and the CCC Symbolizing Tradition. Size 2.2 cm.

Photo © James Harrod. Collection James Harrod; discovered and identified by Jan Evert Musch.

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