MP Gallery #4a - HK86b Palaeolithic Sanctuary, MP-UP Transition, c. 47-38,000 BP / (a) aerial site photo

Comment: The 'Palaeolithic sanctuary' site HK86b is visible at the lower left on the edge of the mesa. The mesa edge is roughly north-south, so that the site faces east. Site HK86 is the habitation area, with hutfloors, associated by similarity of technology with the Sanctuary. Anati has designated the tool tradition, Karkomian; it is a Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition industry.

Datings for nearby sites are as follows: HK88, probably Upper Paleolithic; HK87, Karkomian; HK149, Lower Paleolithic and Upper Paleolithic flints; HK148b (not visible, to left of HK 149), "Aterian Hut Site", Aterian and late MP; HK200, Lower Paleolithic and Upper Paleolithic; HK203, Upper Paleolithic, Aurignacian; HK204, Acheulian, Micoquian, and Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition; HK205, Lower and Upper Paleolithic; HK206, Upper Paleolithic, Aurignacian; HK210, Upper Paleolithic. [Anati, E. (1996). Archaeological Expedition Har Karkom (Israel): Description of Sites, Updated March 1996. Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici, Capo di Ponte (BS), Italy.]

Photo © Archeologia Viva. Anati, E., Cottinelli, L, and Mailland, F. (1996). Il santuario piu antico del mondo. Archeologia Viva 15,56:figure p. 34.

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