Hamburg-Wittenbergen c. 200,000 BP: Heads / q)hwmsk2

Comment: Hominid/human 'mask' scuptures are not infrequent among Later Acheulian and Middle Paleolithic sculptures, especially in the European CCC Symbolizing Tradition. This is an example of the 'grotesque mask' style, in this case with only one eye, but with the head deformed in a sort of 'hourglass' shape.

"70. Einäugige Gesichtsmaske von Wittenbergen. Nr. 3, 20." [Height 12 cm.]

Photographer © Walther Matthes. Matthes, W. (1969). Eiszeitkunst im Nordseeraum. Otterndorf, Gr: Niederelbe-Verlag; (1964/1965). Bild 70.

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