Hamburg-Wittenbergen c. 200,000 BP: Heads / n)hw1eye2

Comment: Hominid/human 'mask' scuptures are not infrequent among Later Acheulian and Middle Paleolithic sculptures, especially in the European CCC Symbolizing Tradition. In the CCC Tradition the theme 'one-eye-open/one-eye-closed' is stereotypical. An example is shown below. Similar theme in previous slide.

"62. Gesichtsmaske von Wittenbergen. Nr. 3, 22." [Height 17.3 cm.]

Photographer © Walther Matthes. Matthes, W. (1969). Eiszeitkunst im Nordseeraum. Otterndorf, Gr: Niederelbe-Verlag; (1964/1965). Bild 62.

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