Hamburg-Wittenbergen c. 200,000 BP: Heads / k)hwhumfelhd

Identified by Walther Matthes as combination feline and human head. It also may be viewed as an example of a stereotypical EP theme: one eye-open, one-eye closed.

Comment: For feline-human combinations in Upper Palaeolithic art, compare the lion-man figurine from Höhlenstein-Stadel,Germany and the half feline, half human head boulder sculpture from El Juyo, Spain. This theme reemerges in the North Germanic mythology of Oden.

Photographer © Walther Matthes. Matthes, W. (1963). Die Entdeckung der Kunst des Alteren und Mittleren Palaeolithikums in Norddeutschland. Jahrbuch for Prahistorische und Ethnographische Kunst (IPEK) 21:1-18, Taf. 5.2.

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