Daraki-Chattan Cave, Madhya Pradesh: Acheulian Petroglyph Site, c. 200,000 - 500,000 BP / w) dctoolsrar3435

As noted: "Figure 34. Acheulian handaxe excavated from sediment layer 3 in Daraki-Chattan." "Figure 35. Hammerstone with multiple wear facets, one of which is visible above the millimeter scale. From sediment layer 5 in Daraki-Chattan."

Photo © Bednarik RG, Kumar G, Watchman A and Roberts RG. (2005). Preliminary results of the EIP [Early Indian Petroglyphs] Project. Rock Art Research 22,2:figure 34 and figure 35. Thanks to Robert Bednarik for permission to post this image. This gallery first posted 10/17/2006.

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w) dctoolsrar3435