Daraki-Chattan Cave, Madhya Pradesh: Acheulian Petroglyph Site, c. 200,000 - 500,000 BP / m) dcsowallrar

Closer view of cupules on the right (south) wall of the cave.

Tentative interpretation (James Harrod). When I entered into the cave the two walls both seemed to suggest representations of a row of two or three 'elephants'. Of all the images in this webgallery, this one gives the best evocation of these creatures, the shape toward the back an excellent 'elephant'. The features all seem to me to be natural. Natural or partially artificially flaked, these cupule marked 'elephants' are strikingly similar in quality to the possible 'elephant' figuration of Chief's Rock at Bhimbetka, with its cupules (see e.g., image 'p' in the first Bhimbetka webgallery).

Photo © Bednarik RG, Kumar G, Watchman A and Roberts RG. (2005). Preliminary results of the EIP [Early Indian Petroglyphs] Project. Rock Art Research 22,2:front cover. Thanks to Robert Bednarik for permission to post this image. The interpretation is my own. This gallery first posted 10/17/2006.

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m) dcsowallrar